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Cheetah Run is a unique program at Wild Animal Park in northern San Diego County.  Guests are trucked to a small fenced tack  to watch a cheetah chase a lure on a string for about a hundred yards.

Cheetahs 2007


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Cheetah 1 Cheetah 2 Cheetah 3 Cheetah 4

Cheetah 5 Cheetah 6 Cheetah 7 Cheetah 8



Cheetah 9 Cheetah 10    

Upon arriving at the tack, it's important to scope out the situation because a small fence separates the 50 guests from the running cheetah and will severely limit photographic opportunities.  Employees will advise you not to take photos and simply enjoy the beauty of the  running cheetah.

















Cheetah Running




Running 1 Running 2 Running 3



Running 4 Running 5  

Peregrine Falcon



Between cheetah runs, a Peregrine Falcon will be put through his paces at over 200 MPH.


Falcon in Grass 1   Falcon  1 Falcon  2

Guests may also have the opportunity to view a highly shy and endangered Serval up close.

Falcon  3 Falcon  4 Falcon  5



Serval 1 Serval 2 Serval 3 Serval 4