Dec.  2003  



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The above image was taken in late November at Wild Animal Park in San Diego.  I generally don't focus on captive animals but I was at the park photographing non captive birds when I saw the cheetah for the first time in many visits.  I was the only person near the exhibit and the cheetah was relaxing in the open grass.  When he saw me, he quickly got up, gave me a dirty look, and disappeared into the bushes.  


The image is definitely not your standard animal portrait.  The foreground and background are very busy, like it really is in the wild.  The cheetah's head was also in the shade, also not unusual. I'm not sure I could capture this image in the wild.


 The photograph was taken with a 80-400 VR F5.6 lens, hand held at F8 and 1/60 th of a second.


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