August 2004  



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 Night Heron - 7



The image above was taken in San Diego of a Black Crowned Night Heron flying thru trees above a pond. I had just pulled my camera from the camera bag so it was one of those situations where you shoot first, check settings later.  If I had to check the exposure, I would have never gotten the shot. 


The image above was captured on a digital camera and is generated from a "raw" file.  The image includes exposure data which is really cool.  I don't take exposure notes in the field and now I really don't have to.


 The photograph above was taken with a high speed digital camera with a hand held 80-500 mm zoom lens at 230 mm. The exposure was 1/200 the second at F5.6.  Since this was taken with a digital camera, the ISO was dialed in at 640.


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