November 04  



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Two Buds - 1



Photographing roses in October is not most photographers idea of autumn color. In fact, California just experienced its heaviest early rain and snow fall in years. Despite this fact, the roses at Descanso Gardens in La Canada were in full bloom.  Not a spring bloom, which attracts more visitors, but a fall bloom which displays a much greater diversity of buds and mature, seeding flowers.  On a gloomy, foggy day, I find this disparate beauty to be quietly stunning.


Typically I'll shoot flora images with a 200mm F4 macro on a tripod. However, for these images, I decided to try a 200-400 F4 VR zoom on a tripod.  I was told that this lens would be really great for football games.  Forget it, a hand held 80-400 VR zoom is significantly easier to use and will capture images in the 80 to 200 range which the 200-400 cannot.  Thus, I decided to try the lens on flora close-ups. Based on the results, the 200 macro may be relegated to the back of the camera bag for this purpose in the future. 


The image above was captured on a D2H with 200-400 VR zoom mounted on a carbon fiber tripod and ball head. 


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