February 05  



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Gliding Pelican



Spending at least one January Sunday morning per year photographing above the coves in La Jolla California is always exciting. Of course a lot of other photographers think so too.  Last year I think there were more photographers than pelicans.  This year, many photographers thought that oil pollution caused by rain storms up the coast in Santa Barbara would result in fewer birds.  Were they wrong!  There were pelicans in mating feathers, gulls, and Cormorants in abundance.


Photographing pelicans is more of an artistic challenge than a hunter's challenge as are flying ducks and egrets.  The male pelicans cluster on the rocks and framing an interesting shot can require some positioning and a little luck.


The image above was captured on a D2H with a 300-800 F5.6 zoom on carbon tripod with ball head.


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