June 05  



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Dustin Cuizon 3



Trestles is home to a couple of surf contests each year that attract the best surfers in the world without attracting a lot of spectators.   In fact, the event is not advertised locally and any media write-ups generally occur after the contest has concluded.  Save the crowds for Huntington Beach and the Xtreme Games. I did notice that this year the number of photographers on the beach at Trestles was a little lighter than previous years.


While many surfers can effectively ride a wave, several of the surfers at this event literally "control" the wave.  It's hard to explain but awesome to watch.  The announcer referred to the surfer above as "Bustin Dustin", and for good reason.  Dustin darts thru the waves with incredible speed which gives him a very distinctive and exciting style. 


The ladies heats were held earlier in the day when the light is naturally better for photography.  The men's heats were held during mid-day and hard light became a major issue.  Each image required a substantial dose of color correction in Nikon Capture Editor prior to finishing in Photoshop.  I tried to use Photoshop by itself but ended up reprocessing at least 3 dozen images. 


All of the images were taken with a 4 megapixel digital SLR with 300-800 F5.6 zoom lens with 1.5X APO matched teleconverter installed. All images are manual focus due to the relatively slow lens / tele converter combination.