Sept. 05  



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U.S. Open



 There is nothing like going to the beach early in the morning to photograph some of the world's best surfers and the waves are topping out at about 2-3 feet.  Not real exciting!  But I learned an important lesson:  great surfers can even make a small wave look exciting.


As witnessed by this site, I'm finally getting to the point where I'm comfortable with the combination of camera, lens, and tripod that I am using.  Even documenting the heats and the surfers is more difficult than it first appears.  You have to develop your own system and this takes time and experience.  I appear to be the only one on the beach actually taking notes.  I guess all of the other photographers already know the lineups.


All of the images were taken with a 12 megapixel digital SLR with 300-800 mm F5.6 zoom lens.  No polarizer was used and the camera was set to high speed crop.  The latter is a incredible feature of the D2X.