August 06  



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US Open - V. Ribas




Photography at the beach in bright Southern California conditions can be a real exposure challenge. It seems so easy until you view your images and what you see is not what you get.  As a result, I can really appreciate other photographer's surf images and there are a number that are truly artistic. 


In June and July, early morning can be overcast, foggy and raw images may appear muddy.  However, the sun will eventually break through before noon.  There is typically about a half hour during the transition when the light is really ideal.  After the sun is out, raw images will appear burned out.  Either way, you'll need to perform a substantial amount of post exposure correction. 


I call the transition period the sweet spot.  (Nature photographers generally shoot during morning and afternoon hours and avoid mid day hours for the same reason.)  The image above was taken during that sweet spot.  Unfortunately, the weather was less than ideal during most of this year's US Open of Surfing.


The image above was captured on a D2X with 300-800 F5.6 zoom on aluminum tripod with gimbal head.


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