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Sunflowers 1




Always expect the unexpected.  The field of autumn blooming sunflowers near where I live is now a permanent athletic field. So I traveled to Descanso Gardens in La Canada, California expecting to shoot Amaryllis and behold some of the best looking sunflowers that I've seen in several years.  They were about a week past their peak bloom but at least I had a subject to work with.  The Amaryllis? They had spiked, bloomed, and died in less than a month due to unusually hot temperatures.  I'll have to wait till next year.


Some photographers focus on the geometry of the sunflowers with due reason but I kind of like to photograph groups because they almost look "painteresque".  It's just a matter of preference.


The image was taken with a 200-400 F4.0 lens on carbon fiber tripod


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