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Tufa 4



A lot of great images have been captured of the Tufa at Mono Lake. During the 80's and 90's, the water level of Mono Lake dropped to dangerously low levels due to the diversion of fresh water streams to the aqueducts feeding Los Angeles.  While the low water levels endangered much of the wildlife in the area, the tufa were visually at their best.


However, earlier in the decade the Metropolitan Water District was court ordered to refill the lake.  Vegetation had begun to fill in around the lake and was subsequently killed by the highly saline water as the lake began to refill.  This presented an opportunity to capture images of tufa with a strong foreground consisting of dead and salt laden vegetation.


Used a 12-24 wide angle zoom at approximately 13 mm. The exposure was 1/1000th second at F18 at ISO 320 on carbon fiber tripod.