January  05  



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Egret Panorama



Not really a panorama but actually 4 images of the same egret taken in succession as it flew through the trees at 5 frames per second. Ran the 4 images through Panorama Maker a couple times and came up with the above image.  No skill, just luck.


Actually, any one of the four images stands on its own.  It's very seldom that a bird will fly towards you and then turn allowing the photographer to capture a number of successive images. Typically, the bird is flying away from me as fast as it can.  I can't count high enough all the bird butts that I've captured and deleted. 


Used a 200-400 VR zoom at approximately 400 mm mounted on carbon fiber tripod.  Exposure was determined by matrix meter under exposed by 1/3rd stop to reduce overexposing the whites on the egrets.


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