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April  07  



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Double Pink Series


This is not a particularly good year for spring bulb flowers in Southern California. In fact, it is the driest year on record.  The bulb display at Descanso was set up a little different this year.  Instead of a long, unbroken border of different colors of flowers, the bulb garden was laid out in smaller islands of bulbs planted in the lawn adjacent to the traditional bulb border.


Walking into a large spring bulb garden can be quite stunning.  It's only when you begin to look at the individual flowers for close-ups, that you begin to realize that unless you're at the garden at the peak of bloom, the individual blooms can be wilting, spotted, insect eaten, etc.  That's nature.


I found the double tulip bloom at the front of the garden lit with filtered sunlight from the oak trees to the east. Over a period of 15 minutes I captured a number of images with a slight variation in lighting and background.  It's kind of interesting to compare the different images of the same subject and a lesson in how to change an image by changing the angle of the camera.


The image was taken with a 105 stabilized lens hand held with no flash.


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