May 07



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Cambria Wheel 1




In April, I traveled to Cambria on the central coast of California.  This is typically a beautiful wildflower location but lack of rain since the prior June really limited the opportunities to photograph wildflowers although there were a few scatted poppies. The irony is that it rained at least half the time I was there.


While the area is best known for the Hearst Castle at San Simeon, but the real beauty lies with the scenery at Morrow Rock and the quaint rural roads winding through the back country.  There is also bountiful wildlife. 


The resulting photographs created during the trip were really much better than I expected considering the weather.  It was also a chance to photograph trees in the fog which is really a serene experience.


The image above was captured on a prosumer DSLR with 12-24 zoom on carbon tripod with ball head.


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