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Chris Ward 5




The Surfbout held at Lower Trestles in April is the first surf competition held in Southern California each year that attracts some of the best surfers in the world - Men's World Qualifying Tour (WQS). 


I took off on a Friday but the best surf occurred the day before with a continuous supply of nicely formed 10 footers hitting the coast.  Darn.  There were a few decent sets on Friday morning but the size and form deteriorated as the day progressed.  I returned the following morning to rain, knee high waves, and lousy form.  The WQS was scheduled for later in the day so I bailed.


As usual, I locate myself south of the swells to catch the surfers moving right. Of course I'll miss any action moving left unless you like capturing images of the back of surfers.  I stay low to make the waves appear larger than they really are.  I also like the effect of the surfer in layers of waves which can't be achieved if shooting from a high location.


The image was taken with a 300-800 F5.6 tele zoom mounted on a gimbal head and aluminum tripod.


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