July 07  



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Garrapata Pan.



This is a lazy photographers panoramic image taken facing south at Garrapata State Park.  Why do I say lazy.  Because, in order to get a decent panorama, you're suppose to mount the camera on a tripod, turn off auto focus, and use a manual exposure mode. I really didn't think it was going to be worth the effort to do all that. Now that I've processed the images, I kind of wish I had been more diligent but at a loss to explain how I could have done a better job.


On most of my panoramas, since the image is going to suck up a lot of memory anyway, I shoot "over wide" to make sure I capture everything.  My typical image is a 30 megabytes TIFF.  Five perfectly captured images would theoretically suck up 150 megabytes. So what if I have to discard half the image.  I still end up with a 75megabyte image which is two and half times the size of most of my captures. 


Exposed 5 images with a 12-24 zoom at approximately 20 mm hand held.  Exposure was determined by matrix meter and stitched with Panorama Maker.


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