September 07



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Night Heron 1




I started to get interested in photography (for the second time) in the late ninety's. Watching birds in flight is probably the single most influential factor.  Imagine capturing the grace, power, and beauty of creatures that can actually free themselves of gravity, at least temporarily. 


While my first objective was to capture properly exposed, composed, and sharp images, capturing the essence of motion is also on the radar screen. This Black Crowned Night Heron was flying around a pond in bright sunlight and as I pressed the camera's shutter release, he flew into the shade.  The aperture priority shutter speed dropped from 1/1000th of a second to 1/60th of a second causing the blur.  While the night heron is not perfectly sharp, I feel the capture and display of motion is an overriding factor.


The image above was captured with a Pro DSLR with 200-400 F4 zoom mounted on carbon fiber tripod with ball head and minimal post processing.


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