November 07



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The Buttermilk Country Wildlife Area is north of the Inyo National Forest and is located off Highway 168 west of Bishop.  Except for locals, the area is not well known but offers excellent opportunities for rock climbing, hiking, and biking.


The image above was taken in early morning as the sun rose over the hills to the east.  Clouds dominated the sky the day before, it snowed the previous night, and the warm glow of sunrise on the aspens and snow peppered peaks lasted only about 5 minutes.


I was basically standing on the top of the cab of my small pickup truck and captured the image with a 12-24 mm zoom lens.  The picture just doesn't capture the exhilaration of the scene, but I tried.


     Photographed with a D200 with 12-24 F4 DX zoom hand held at ISO 200..


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