December 07



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Yosemite Scenic 1




Fall is one of the best times of year to photograph nature.  And Yosemite is no exception. This year was one of the driest years on record.  Yosemite Falls was absolutely barren.  The Merced river in the valley was more like a stream.  My initial impression upon entering the valley the first day was that this just wasn't going to work this year.


But then I began to contemplate the situation and make an attitude adjustment.  A year ago in spring, I had the good fortune of photographing the valley when it was so flooded, it was almost closed. Now, I get to photograph the valley when it is almost completely dry.  The contrast began to intrigue me.  I have attached a comparison of the flooded Mirror Lake last year and this fall's barren conditions.


The image above was taken of Yosemite Falls from the stream below.  The bank of autumn color and scattered clouds provides the image a painterly effect.


The image above was captured with a prosumer DLSR 28-70 F2.8 zoom with 3x graduated neutral density filter mounted on a carbon tripod.


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