August 08



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Chinese Garden 6



     The Huntington Library & Gardens is located in San Marino, an upper scale community in Southern California, just east of Pasadena.  The Chinese Garden, (the Garden of Flowing Fragrance), is still in the process of being completed and is designed to enrich the mind and spirit.


I actually went to the gardens to photograph lotus flowers since the thousands of lotus plants at Echo Park near Los Angeles had died out over the last several years.  Of course, the superintendent of the LA Parks department advised that they didn't know the Lotus were dying.  They even held this years multi cultural Lotus Festival with no lotus plants.  Amazing. 


Sarcasm aside, I was able to photograph some nice Lotus flowers at the Huntington Gardens but chose to show an image taken at the Chinese Garden due to its stunning beauty. This is a "must" visit, especially on a Sunday morning, when traffic is light and one can appreciate the tranquility of the garden.


 I just liked the the interplay of light and objects in the image.  It is a relatively complicated image with a lot of elements but I hope this adds more interest. 


I used a 24-70 F2.8 lens at F8 on a carbon fiber tripod and ball head to capture the image above.  No special exposure compensation, just the default setting for matrix metering.


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Huntington Library Chinese Garden