Nov. 08



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River 1



   This image of a small river with snow covered boulders and autumn foliage was taken just downstream of Sabrina Lake.  During a prior year, I noticed the potential beauty of this location but couldn't photograph it successfully because of a lack of sunlight and numerous fisherman taking advantage of the freshly stocked river.  Not just a few fisherman, but lots of fishermen.  It looked more like an amusement attraction than a tranquil fishing spot.  


This year I was lucky.  I was made aware that it had snowed in the Eastern Sierras so I made my way up Highway 395 approximately 250 miles from Orange County.  I first stopped at Alabama Hills, Whitney Portal, and Bristlecone before driving up Highway 168 to Sabrina Lake in the late afternoon.  I arrived just in time to witness the soft afternoon light filtering through the forest.  Best of all, the fisherman found better opportunities further down the river.


Photographed with a 28-70 F2.8 zoom lens on 12 megapixel full frame body.  I also used a 2 stop soft graduated neutral density filter. This accessory really makes the difference in the outcome of the final image.


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