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Zebra Longwing 1



The popularity of butterfly exhibits has increased tremendously in SoCal in the last few years.  Both Wild Animal Park and The Living Desert advertise their exhibits to improve attendance and butterfly exhibits are up to the task.  Unfortunately, 2 exhibits located in a population of 20 million people leads to some very crowded exhibits.  By the time I left the exhibit around 10:00 AM at Wild Animal Park, the waiting line was about an hour and a half long. Nothing like lots of impatient whiney kids and and upset parents waiting to enter the exhibit. Very calming. (humor) 


The Living Desert exhibit is the less crowded venue but doesn't display the vast number of tropical butterflies as the Wild Animal park exhibit.  The above shot of the flying Zebra butterfly was taken at arms length with a 105 Vibration Reduction micro lens on a full frame DSLR.  It's basically point-and-shoot and let the camera do the rest.  Hey, that's what fancy electronics in the camera were designed to do.  There simply is no time to set up a proper shot with tripod and all the usual composition requirements.  The butterflies move a lot faster than they first appear.  It's only when you put your eye to the back of the viewfinder that you can appreciate the challenge. 


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