July 09



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 Flying Parrot 1



Flying Parrot


A decade ago, I would have told you that you had to go to Latin or South America to photograph parrots.  I remember reading a sign at the Living Desert that the Mexican parrot (that use to habituate Southern California) was virtually extinct.  I don't know what type of parrot the above image represents, but currently, there is no shortage of these parrots flying around Southern California.  They are also quite noisy and like squawking at each other. 


The parrot above was eating flower petals in a Coral tree at the Huntington Library.  These guys virtually denuded the tree of all its flowers in a couple hours.  Amazing.  Then they moved on to the next tree and denuded it.  The Coral trees were quite beautiful before the parrots finished them off.  However, it was fun watching the parrots eating the petals and there was a lot eat. 


The image was captured on a cropped format DSLR with 200-400 zoom lens at F8 on carbon fiber tripod. 


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