August 09



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 Garrapata 4



Monterey Scenic


Garrapata State park is just one of those places south of Monterey that is a "must see".  It is different every time I visit.  Whereas Pt Lobos tends to be crowded with visitors, Garrapata could easily be missed from Hwy 1.  If fact, I was literally the only person visiting the state park on the day that I took the additional images. 


Fog and dismal weather generally scares off most tourists and photographers, but I have learned that some of the most dramatic images can be made during inclement weather conditions.  It sure doesn't seem like it at the beginning, but just hang in there, do some shooting, and see what happens.  I had a previous experience in Yosemite  last winter (check out the on-location) when the weather was just lousy.  With a little creativity and a lot of work, I was pleasantly surprised.


The image was captured on a full frame format DSLR with 24-70 zoom lens at F8 on carbon fiber tripod. 


 Additional images can be viewed here