Oct.  09



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 US Open - HB





I am not aware of any other photographers that wait till mid August each year to photograph amaryllis in an oak tree forest in LaCanada, California.  The prior week I was shooting professional surfers on 15 foot wave in Surf City with literally thousands of other amateur photographers and now I am in an oak forest with no one else in site, and I'm still in LA..


In fact, a couple of years ago, a full grown dear almost ran in to me.  She was focusing on eating and I was focusing on photographing the amaryllis, and neither of us noticed that the other one was present.  Imagine both of our expressions when she saw me less than 5 feet away.  I don't think she had ever jumped that high in her life and subsequently disappeared into the forest. 


I've been in a lot of different kinds of forests in California and an oak forest with morning light filtering thru the canopy is second to none.  The light hitting the amaryllis blooms is simply awe inspiring.  I can't wait till winter when the camellias begin to bloom.


The image was captured on a DSLR with 200-400 zoom lens at F8 on carbon fiber tripod.


 Additional images can be viewed here