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Autumn Leaves Color


 Additional images of autumn color can be viewed here


Autumn color came late to SoCal this year.  With New Year's less than a week away, the Liquid Amber trees in our neighborhood still held on to most of their leaves.  Of course the first significant Santa Ana wind to hit us will quickly remove any remaining leaves.  The Santa Ana's this year have been kind of tame.  Knock on wood.


I monitor the Net to find the location of the best locations for color in the Eastern Sierra Nevada every fall.  Most of the posts advised of different and varying conditions but no massive simultaneous color change.  I got the impression it was kind of spotty.  This is the first year that I didn't make it up north in several years.  A large color change along with some snow will get me up the the Sierra's really quickly.  I need motivation. 


The image above was taken of some leaves in a Liquid Amber tree a few blocks from where I live in Orange.  I wasn't really very inspired but the colors were vivid and I liked the balls.  When they fall off the trees in spring, they can do some real damage to the bottom of your feet.  They seem the get everywhere you don't want them.


All of the images were shot with a 200-400 F4.0 zoom mounted to carbon fiber tripod with Monoball head. I did use a 12 megapixel DSLR camera.