March 2010



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Wolf at Wolf Discovery Rehab


The Wolf Discovery is located in the city of West Yellowstone, just west of Yellowstone National Park.  While we witnessed a wolf kill in Yellowstone NP, the Wolf Discovery allows photographers/visitors to get much closer to the wolves than would be possible in the wild.  The wolves are fed elk carcasses donated by hunters.


Forget the sun, it snowed most of the trip. We were glad to be able to grab an image during a light snow.  At one point we couldn't even see a grizzly bear less than 100 feet distant.  Of course I shot hundreds of images of wolves, and the image above was the last one shot. 


The image above was shot with a 80-400 F4.5 zoom on a cropped frame DSLR while being hand held.


 Additional images of Yellowstone in Winter can be viewed here