June 2010



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Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro - Trestles


Surf conditions started off nicely on Thursday with overhead to double overhead surf with sets in relatively rapid succession.  Early in the morning, I was surprised to find a lot of empty parking spots in the parking lot.  In previous years, parking filled much more quickly.  The surf did reside on Friday and Saturday. 


I shot about 3,000 images over 3 days and ended up with about 30.  That's a 1% success ratio.  While the vast majority of photographers are trying to capture the surfer performing various aerial acts, I try to incorporate the wave into the image.  Thus, my viewpoint is a little different than the others and my success ratio substantially less.  It's not the fault of the camera, it's just that the wave didn't materialize into something interesting. 


I shoot from the south with the sun at my back.  In addition to the sun being relatively low in the shy (it's winter), I've been able to develop techniques for processing images over a wide period of time during the morning.  I can actually shoot till about 11:00 AM before all of my images demonstrate so much contrast that they are not worth shooting. 


The image above was shot with a 300-800 F5.6 zoom on a cropped frame DSLR, F8 with ISO 320, mounted on tripod with Gimbal head. 


 Additional images at the Nike 6 Lowers Pro at trestles can be viewed  here