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Yosemite - Fall - Tunnel View


One of the sights that makes Yosemite special is the entrance to the valley, Tunnel View.  You're casually driving towards the valley from the west park entrance admiring the pleasant scenery and enter a fairly long tunnel to who knows where.  When you exit the tunnel, your whole world changes.  With proper lighting, you're now viewing one of the most iconic views in the US national parks system.  I'll guess that it's also one of the most photographed views.


I visited Tunnel View on arrival in the park, lapped the 7 mile loop in the valley, and drove back to Tunnel View for a final light check.  It was so-so, grabbed a few uninspired shots, walked back to the car, got in the car, looked up and noticed the lighting striking the Valley, ran back to my original shooting location and grabbed another few images.  As fast as the lighting appeared, it disappeared.  Even most of the view camera photographers hanging out at Tunnel View that day were caught off guard. You have to be quick.


My best images of the trip came during lapping the Valley on the first day, literally chasing the light.  The following days were location driven and you simply can't take advantage of unique lighting conditions in different parts of the Valley when you're stuck in a single location for a predetermined period of time.  Maybe I was just lucky.


The image above was shot with a 24-120mm, F4 zoom lens, a full frame DSLR, at F8, ISO 320, mounted on tripod with ball head. 


 Additional images can be viewed  here