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Long Beach Grand Prix Celebrity Race


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Haven't photographed an Indy car race in several so this year I got motivated and purchased a photo pass to the Long Beach Grand Prix.  It's really a SoCal event and features a number of races including ALMS, Indy Car, Indy Lights, Celebrity and Drifting.  Notice I said SoCal event.  Come for the races but don't miss the smoking hot women dressed to the hilt including high heels.  If you are a die hard race fan, you may find it even insulting but I think it is rather humorous.


The photo platform at turn 11, right before the strait-a-away, is the best of the 4 platforms, especially in the morning when the sun is at your back.  I shot from this location for 3 days, only periodically wandering over to the other locations in the afternoon. 


The image above was taken during the celebrity race.  Jillian Barberie, an outspoken Fox news anchor, was blocking the more serious celebrity racers entering turn 11.  The pseudo expert drivers drove the purple cars to differentiate them from the newbie's in the light blue cars. My wife had requested that I shoot a few images of the race and I'm glad  I did. 


The Celebrity race was held on the Saturday prior to the main event on Sunday, the Indy Care race.  The stands were actually packed for this race which makes sense since Long Beach is not too far from Hollywood.  On a final note, Jillian did eventually crash her car and you should have heard the roar from the crowd as the accident was broadcast over the large digital screens around the track.  Jillian was the celebrity that everyone loves to hate.  Fascinating.


Image shot with a 120-300 F2.8 zoom  lens on a cropped frame, 16.2 MP DSLR mounted on a carbon fiber tripod with ball head.