Oct.  2011



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The Wedge 1













Large Waves at the Wedge


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I was sitting in my office on a Thursday in September and heard about some 20 foot waves at the Wedge, less than 10 mile away.  There are no contests at this location so I typically don't shoot at the Wedge, and, in fact, I hadn't visited the Wedge is perhaps 30 years.  By Saturday, the waves were beginning to fade but I decided to visit the Wedge anyway.  At 15 feet, the waves were still pretty decent. 


The advantage for photographers is that the waves at the Wedge break very close to shore so anyone can capture nice close-ups even with a 70-200 zoom lens.  In fact, most people shooting from the beach with their P&S cameras probably got some pretty good images and there was no shortage of people on the beach.


Image shot with a 70-400 zoom  lens on a cropped frame, 16.2 MP DSLR mounted on a carbon fiber tripod with ball head.