April  2012



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Bench Under Tree













Bench Under tree


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The image was taken a little over a year ago and the reason it is posted is that the worse winds in 25 years have since devastated the tree.  It will survive but may take a decade to reach its prior magnificence. 


I've passed by the tree numerous times over the years but on one morning, the sunlight was lighting up a group of trees with fall foliage in the background.   The bench had been precisely positioned by maintenance accidentally in the perfect location. 


Follow-up:  On a visit to The Huntington in early June, I noticed that the old tree had been entirely removed.  It's unfortunate because the grandeur or the tree represented the heart of the Huntington.  I am not totally convinced that the tree needed to be removed since nature has a great ability to repair itself if given the opportunity.


The above image shot was taken with a full frame DSLR with 24-70 F2.8 on carbon fiber tripod.