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Reflection 4













Reflection 4 El Capitan Meadow


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Spring, this has to be the best time of year to photography anything, right?  Not necessarily for all photography.  For the casual tourist in Yosemite, spring is an awesome time to visit.  The towering granite formations and wind blown waterfalls are absolutely amazing.  No matter how many times I've visited Yosemite, I am still totally impressed along with all the tourists.  But sometimes capturing an artistic image requires a little more than perfect weather.


On this trip, I succumbed to just capturing the beautiful scenery on the Valley floor.  I had to cut my trip to just 2 days due to becoming really sick.  This does affect your ability to be creative.  Thankfully, there were a couple occasions when the Valley floor was drop dead gorgeous. 


I arrived in the Valley about 10:00 AM on the first day and noticed that the Valley had been lit by some really awesome morning light. I made a point to be in  the Valley by 6:30 the next morning.  Hence, all the Cooks and El Capitan Meadow images.  Although there were actually quite a few photographers in the Valley, I was pretty much alone in the meadows in the early morning.  If there is one thing that no one should miss, it is the sun arising over Half Dome in the early morning.  The Valley just lights up as the sun rays hit the Valley floor.


The above image shot was taken with a full frame, 36 MP DSLR with 24-120 F4.0 zoom lens on carbon fiber tripod.