Sept.  2012



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Tim Reyes at US Open of Surfing


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Not a lot of large waves this year on the West Coast.  Regardless, the US Open of Surfing was a happening event with crowds  even extending into the water.  Where else are you going to put 500,000 people over 9 days of surfing.  I don't even bother shooting from the beach on the weekend.  There are just simply too many people.  Instead, arriving to the event about 6:30 AM and picking a spot on the railing on the pier, is a good strategy.  However, during the week days prior to the finals, it is possible to shoot from the beach until about 11:30 AM when the crowds begin to develop.


I was really surprised that I was shooting 1,500 images per day, and if I was lucky, about 25 would made it past the first cut.  I was literally deleting thousands of images at a time.  I then selected about 5 to 10 images to post on the site.  That's a pretty pathetic ratio.  I have shot surf contests with large waves and you want to keep and post them all.  Anyway, considering the surf conditions, I am very happy to have gotten the images that I posted. 


The above image shot was taken with a cropped frame, 12 MP DSLR with battery pack and 300-800 F5.6 zoom lens on aluminum tripod with gimbal head..