Feb.  2013



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 Least Tern 2


























Least Tern


 Additional images can be viewed here


The least Tern was diving for fish after hovering in front of a tree at San Juan Reserve in Irvine, CA. 


The final image is a fairly strong crop of the original image of 85 MB from a 36.6 MP DSLR.  The crop factor was incredible.  This bird was at least a half mile away in clear weather.


The disadvantage of this particular high MP DSLR is the very slow frame rate of 4 FPS.  There's no such thing as "spray and prey".  You are shooting to capture a single image as the camera is just to slow to capture a continuous stream of images.


The above image shot was taken with a full frame, 36 MP DSLR with 300-800 F5.6 zoom lens on carbon fiber tripod.