June 2013



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 Additional images can be viewed here


I only discovered San Juan Marsh, adjacent to UC Irvine, a year ago after experiencing disappointing bird sightings at Bolsa Chica, Newport Back Bay, and Safari Park.  I generally visit the Marsh about 7:00 AM in the morning.  Apparently, a lot of other bird photographers have also discovered the Marsh as the shore was lined with bodies and lenses.  


There are typically numerous Egrets, Black Crowned Night Herons, and Great Blue Herons flying around but on my last few visits in May, bird sighting were relatively limited to Avocets in a pond near the entrance to the marsh.  The images in the Avocet section were captured over 3 days in which I was able to witness the birds aggressive behavior against each other, delicate caring for their chicks, attacking other invading birds en masse, and just pure gracefulness flying around the pond.  These birds are truly amazing. 


From a distance, the pond doesn't look like much, especially to the casual viewer, but with a long lens (600 or 800), the whole pond becomes a canvas for photographing birds. 


All of the images were captured with a 24MP, 6 FPS, DX body with 300-800 mm zoom lens on a carbon fiber tripod with Monoball.