July  2012



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Wedge #15












Waves at the Wedge


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The Wedge in Newport Beach CA is just a great place to photograph surfing. I don't know a lot of surf spots where board surfers, body boarders, and body surfers all coexist at the same time.  Typically the waves run around 5 feet but a couple times per year, 15-20 footers roll in and its quite a sight, especially since they break so close to shore.   You can get some pretty good shots with just a smart phone.  I usually shoot early in the morning but since I'm shooting from the west, the sun can be an issue.  Hopefully, it's still low enough in the sky to minimize the amount of flare from shooting into the sun.


The wave above is what I refer to as an A-frame which is a rare result of high surf conditions.  Waves normally bounce off the Wedge and travel west.  At the same time, decent sized waves can also approach from the west.  That's 3 different breaks all occurring all at the same time.  Believe it or not, there are 3 different types of surfers in the water all surfing the 3 different types of waves.  It's like a carnival.  At one point I couldn't stop laughing due to the seemingly chaos in the ocean.  I have a warped sense of humor.


Using a 5X + zoom on the beach gives me the necessary flexibility to capture surfing action on all 3 types of waves.  I really prefer the 20 foot A-frames in front of me but there are some very talented surfers riding the shore break.  Every once in a while, the ocean also offers up some outstanding waves from the west but unless your looking right from the beach, you will miss it.


The above image shot with a 70-400 zoom lens on a 16 MP SLT mounted on a carbon fiber tripod with ball head.