August  2013



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Flower Cluster












Waves at the Wedge


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Early morning is the best time to walk through forests and dense vegetation, especially with the morning sunlight filtering through the plants around you.  Photography is light and normally uninspiring bits of vegetation spring to life with a single sun ray.


I have no clue of the species of the flower above but it looked exceptional in the deep, dark vegetation at the Fullerton Arboretum.  Perhaps the image is a little too close to illustrate the contrast to the dark background but I liked the white cluster of flowers framed by the young arching leaves so I made a conscious decision to move in closer. 


It's difficult to categorize an image like this so I placed it in "Other" in the "Flora 1" section.  There's a bunch of images in the section which aren't your normal flower photos.  Any flora image I don't know what to do with, goes in this section.  It's ironic that some of the images tend to be more experimental and out-of-box type images.  In a competition they would be ripped apart for not conforming to conventional photographic images but i like them anyway. 


The above image shot with a 70-400 zoom lens on a 16 MP SLT mounted on a carbon fiber tripod with ball head.