Dec.  2013



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Kyoto River 2














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On a recent business trip, I was able to take an overnight side trip to Kyoto.  Like a tourist, I took lots of photos of temples and shrines.  However, I caught sight of this little river that flowed through Kyoto with all the houses on one side and trees on the other.  I have a special appreciation for images that have a painterly effect.  It was November so there still was some fall color on the trees to help differentiate the foliage. 


Not being a photo trip, I only had a 20 MP point & shoot which freed me from all the backpack and equipment that I usually carry.  I really like the challenge of trying to create images that 5 years ago could only be captured by a DSLR.  Digital photography has progressed so much in the last several years ago that even smart phones can capture incredible images.  In fact, I suspect my P&S will be extinct in a few years. 


I did have one major learning experience during the trip.  After a day of shooting, I decided to check out my images on the back LCD of the camera and delete a few very bad captures.  Don't do it.  By pressing a couple buttons, I proceeded to delete almost every image on the SD card.  Realizing this disaster, I took a deep breath and pulled the SD card from the camera for the duration of the trip.  Second lesson, always carry a second SD card.  The next step was to try to read the card on my computer at home.  Fortunately, Photo Mechanic was able to quickly read every image on the SD card.  I question how I deleted so many images so quickly without formatting the card, but that will teach me never to delete images directly on the SD card in the future. 


The above image shot with a Sony RX100-2 point & shoot hand held.