March 2014



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Yosemite Riverside


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I just read a blog discussing the uniqueness of images taken at national parks like Yosemite.  Everyday, an average 10,000 tourists are clicking away at all the iconic features in the Yosemite valley.   You can capture post card like images in the summer, colorful foliage in the fall, snow in the winter, and raging streams in the spring.  The problem is how do you capture images that are different.  The blogger pretty much states that this is no longer possible.  Every thing has already been taken.  Lately, with smart phone capabilities, every tourist is capable of capturing great images.  Pretty depressing.   (humor)


I have found over the years that the first distinguishing factor of capturing different and unique images is the large number of different weather, climate, seasonal, and environmental conditions that can occur in Yosemite.  The image above was taken just outside of Yosemite in February.  Where's the snow?  If spring, where's the water?  The Merced is normally a dangerous and a raging river under these conditions.  So the image may be a little different because the conditions are a little different so maybe no more than a 100,000 images of this location have been taken.


The image was captured with a 17-70 mm zoom lens at F8 on a cropped frame camera and carbon fiber tripod with ball head.