October 2014



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Water Lily 1













Water Lily


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I've been shooting water lilies since 2008, primarily at 2 locations, and every year I capture a different kind of image.  Some years are absolutely awesome with lots of water lilies and choice of composition, and some years, not so much.  This year was kind of a let down, as few water lilies were photogenic and other conditions just weren't right. Perhaps a less than enthusiastic attitude played into the experience. 


The image above really doesn't look like what I saw when I captured the image.  The sun was bright and most of the water lilies bug ridden.  Fortunately, the light just happened to hit this water lily perfectly and I only had to remove a few bugs in post processing.  Other than that, I always put aside some time at the hottest part of summer to try and capture a few water lily images.


The above image shot was taken with a cropped frame, 24 MP DSLT with 70-400 zoom lens on a carbon fiber tripod

 with monoball head.