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PELICANS (10), Seals (1), and Cormorants (2) at La Jolla cove.


WOODLANDS (7) at Irvine Regional Park .

SANTIAGO CREEK (13) at Irvine Regional Park.


Impressionist (1) image at Irvine Regional Park.

Crawfish (1) at San Joachim Marsh.

Egret Landing (1) on cliffs in La Jolla.






Smokey Mtns



SAC  Football



US Open Surfing






Kachemak, AK














Autumn at L.A. Arboretums (1).  Lagoon (1).   Bananas (4)

Flora (1) and Landscape (3) at Fullerton Arboretum.

 Started new section on  IMPRESSIONIST (3) images.

 Awesome AUTUMN COLOR (17), Redwood Forest (2), and Leaves (1) at Descanso Gardens.

Pelicans (9) and Sea Lion (1) in the coves in La Jolla. 




Serious photo trip to SMOKEY MTN. NP (44).

Santa Ana College Dons vs. LA Valley (37).

Lower Ponds (1) at Huntington Library & Gardens.

Quick visit to Tokyo, Japan (5).




Practicing on Slow Motion Waterfalls (1) at Descanso.

Flora Other (1) and Roses (1) at Descanso.

Flora Other (1), Roses (1), and Grasses (3) at LA Arboretum in Arcadia.

Garden Scenes (4) and Succulent Border (1) at Huntington Library & Gardens.




Santa Ana College Dons vs. Fullerton (34).

Santa Ana College Dons vs. Antelope Valley (32).

In preparation for football season, I'm adding SELECT FOOTBALL IMAGES from before 2015.    

Some surfing in really bad lighting plus mediocre surf at the Wedge (7) in Newport Beach.

Landscape images at L.A. Arboretum (2) and pond image at  San Joachim Marsh (1).

Butterfly Images (3) and Amaryllis (3) at Descanso Gardens.



   U.S. Open -  Women's Qtrs (42) and Pre Contest - Women / Men (33) in Huntington Beach.

Amaryllis (4) and Other (1) at L.A. Arboretum in Arcadia.

Little Waterfall (1), Green Leaves (1), Landscape (3), Other (1), and Rose (2) at Fullerton Arboretum.

Orchids (2), Water Lilies (6), and Greenhouses (2) at Sherman Gardens.



Lotus Blooms (6) and Green Heron (1) at Echo Park

Epiphyllum (1) and Patterns (2) at Arcadia Arboretum.

Delphiniums (1) at Fullerton Arboretum.

Cactus Landscape (2) at Huntington Library.

Roses (3) Cactus (1) and Cactus Pattern (3) at Mission San Juan Capistrano.

Orchids (2) and Water Lilies (6) at Sherman Gardens.



Started a new section at the DESCANSO ROSARIUM (12) at Descanso Gardens.

A surprising and unexpected display of DELPHINIUMS (23) at Descanso Gardens.

Image of Entrance Garden (1), Oak Forest (1) and Deer Eating Roses (1) at Descanso.

South Coast Botanical Garden (1).  Sunflower (1).  Cactus (1).

Finished folio view of Kachemak Folio - Eagles (30).

Reworking LA Arboretum Lagoon (2), Perrenial Garden (1), and Succulent Garden (1)



Cactus Bloom (3), Green (1), Azalea (2), Camellia (1), Fungi (1), Paths (1), Squirrel (1),

and Other (1) at the Huntington Library in San Marino.

Flower Pattern (1) at Fullerton Arboretum.



More Spring Bulbs (4) at Descanso gardens.  Good year.

It's spring and the Butterflies (7) are back at Safari Park.

Some Ducks (3), Night Herons (1), and a Crane (1) also at Safari Park.

The Perennial Garden (2), Cactus (1), Orchids (1), and Other (1) at the L.A. Arboretum.



Working on Kachemak, AK - Eagles (50)

Descanso Gardens is a great place to shoot Spring Bulbs (7) and Camellia (1).

A Tree Swallow (1) at San Joachim March. 



Great day for shooting Brown Pelicans (7), more Gulls (2), and some Sea Lions (3).

 Used P1000 to shoot  White Pelicans (3) and Cormorants (1). (2,000 mm plus)

Ducks - select (15)  /  Night Heron - select (18)  /  Cormorant  (1)



Consolidated some surfing images The Women of Surfing (9) and at the  Wedge - select (19).

Interesting lighting this time of year for Cactus (3), Other (2),  Patterns (1), at Fullerton Arboretum (3)

Finished Acadia N.P. Folio (23).   

Starting year with Pelicans (23) and Gulls (7) in La Jolla on cliffs.  

Pelicans - select (13)  /  Gulls - select (8)  /  Egrets - select (9)  /  Ducks - select (15)

Hawk (1) at San Joachim Marsh (1). 

 Plumaria (1) tropical bloom and some green Silk Floss Leaves (1). 




Acadia N.P.



Don's Football



US Open



New Zealand













Great Blue Heron (1), Egret (1), Chirpy (2), and  Night Heron (1) at San Joachim Marsh.

How about a Fusia (1) blooming in November in CA. 


Autumn color in  NIKKO Japan (14).   

Also some Autumn Color (2) and Waterfalls (2) at L.A. Arboretum.  Camellia (1) at Descanso.

Perching Birds (3), Pelican (1), and  Grebes (3) at San Joachim Marsh in Irvine, CA.

Santa Ana Dons vs. Glendale (31).

Images of autumn color taken at  ACADIA N.P. (43).    Azalea Garden (6).


Santa Ana Dons vs. L.A. Southwest (22).

Even more surf on October 1 at the Wedge (6).

 Garden Borders (3), Places (1), and Fungi (1) at Descanso.


Santa Ana Dons vs. Victor Valley (25).

Santa Ana Dons vs. San Bernardino Valley (36).

Amaryllis (5) at L.A. Arboretum and Silk Floss (2) in Orange.

Japanese Garden (1) at Descanso Garden in La Canada.

Some other Flora (2) and Orchid (1) at L.A. Arboretum in Arcadia.


The U.S. Open  / Women's (40)  is the only remaining surfing contest in SoCal.

Some more waves on August 10 at the Wedge (8) and August 18 (5).

Compiled the New Zealand Folio (19) from a trip earlier in the year.


Finally some waves on July 5, 6, 24. and 25 at the Wedge (30).

Great Blue Heron (5), Egrets (6), Avocet (1), and Hummingbird (1) at S.J Marsh.

Hardies (2) have overrun Striated Tropical Water lilies at Mission San Juan Capistrano.

Wild roses (2) at San Joachim Marsh.   Also a lonely Amaryllis (1) at Mission S.J. Capistrano. 


First up - Cactus Bloom (1) and Amaryllis (1) at Huntington Library.

Great Blue Heron (2), Duck (1), and Lotus (5) at Echo Park.

Daylilies (3), Epiphyllum (2) and Amaryllis (1) at Arcadia Arboretum.

Now that I've beat my images to pieces from New Zealand, I'm back doing local SoCal stuff.


New Zealand Additional  Images (22).  Macros (10).  Panoramas (6).  Clouds (8)

Christchurch streets and Arboretum (15).

Some Green (1) at Christchurch Arboretum.


 NEW ZEALAND - South Island (37). 

 Butterflies (6) at Safari park.

More Spring Bulbs (10) at Descanso


Flora at Descanso: Spring Bulbs (2), Camellias (1).  Pond (1), Cherry Blossoms (2), Azaleas (3), Other (1)

Succulent Scenic (1) at Huntington Library.

 Hummingbird (2), Monarch Butterfly (1), Hawk (1), Xeriscape (1) and Scenic (1) at Fullerton Arboretum.

Pattern (3) at Fullerton Arboretum.  Freesia (5) at home. 


Forest Floor (1) at Descanso Gardens.

More Pelicans (13), Gulls (7), and a Cormorants (4) at the La Jolla Cliffs.

Some Camellias (2) and Calla Lily (1) at Descanso Gardens in LaCanada.

Nice little Japanese Scenic (1), Succulent Flower (1) and Autumn leaves (1) at Huntington Library.


Started new section of Aloe (4) and Waterfalls (2) at Arcadia Arboretum.

Some Pelicans (11) and a Cormorant (1) on the La Jolla Cliffs.

Some Perching Birds (2) a the L.A. Arboretum in Arcadia.

Some Bamboo (2) images and a Perching Bird (1) at Huntington Library.

Also Japanese Garden (2), Pattern (1), Succulent (1), and Benches (1)at Huntington Library.



Ouray, Colorado



SAC Football 



IMSA Racing



U.S. Open






















Lone Pelican (1) at San Joachim Marsh.

Some lingering Fall Color (3) from Fullerton Arboretum.

Enchanted Garden (1) and Fall Trees (2) at Descanso.


Some Autumn Color (1), Silk Floss (1), Perennial Scenic (1), Flora2-other (1),

Fall Scenic of Lagoon (1) at the L.A. Arboretum in Arcadia

Santa Ana Dons vs Pasadena City College (25).

Experienced a little fall color in Kyoto and Tokyo. (18) 


Orchid House (2) at L.A. Arboretum in Arcadia , CA

Santa Ana Dons vs EC-Compton Center (36)  /  vs LA-Southwest (33).

Experienced a little fall color in Auray, Colorado (41)  /  BW (3)  Folio (12)


Santa Ana Dons vs Allan Hancock (20)  /  vs Victor Valley (23).

Swatch Pro (12) at trestles

LOCATIONS section recoded to all scroll.


Santa Ana Dons vs College of the Desert (26).

Quick visit to Huntington Library (2).

U.S. Open of Surfing - Men (36) and  Women  (11) in Huntington Beach.

Minimalistic Long Beach (1).


Interesting Sunflower (1) and some Scenics (3) at Fullerton Arboretum.

San Joachim Marsh (1) shoreline and some Ducklings (2).

The waves at the Wedge (13) were sort of up. 

Nice Water Lilies (2) at Mission at San Juan Capistrano.  Also Scenics (2).

Upgraded sections Butterfly 7 8, and Flying to scroll view. 


Starting with Tigers (3) in Tiger trail at Safari Park.   Also Epiphyllum (8).

Some noisy Parrots (1) in a tree at Arcadia Arboretum

Lotus (7) at Echo park are back after a decade of neglect by the City Of L.A.

More Lotus (4) at Huntington Library.  Some years are just really good.

Added some Patagonia (3) & Iceland (3) images to panorama section.

Also a Zen-like (1) image.  Squirrel (1).


Starting with  Orchid House (5) at L.A. Arboretum and Succulent (1) at Huntington Library.

Also a Daylily (1), Hydrangea (1) and Green (2) at Huntington Library.

Some more complicated images of Trees (2) at Huntington Library.

Started new section on Cactus Blooms (6) at South Coast Botanical gardens


Beautiful Perennial Garden at L.A. Arboretum  (4) in Arcadia.

Started a new section on Epiphyllum  (4).  Also Green (1) upgrade.

Wild flowers in new section at Diamond Valley Lake  (17)

LBGP included Indy Car Practice (41) and IMSA Racing (22)

Started new section on Other Wildlife (1).


Orchids (4) at Sherman Gardens in Newport Beach. 

Started new section at Sherman Gardens at Succulent Garden (12). 

Also Butterflies (16) are again at Safari Park.

This was a good year for Poppies (3), a Calla Lily (1), and Other (1) at South Cost Botanical Gardens. 


Fullerton Arboretum (2) looks better with some rain.  Dead Rose (1)

Hummingbirds (4) flying around Arcadia Arboretum.  Some winter scenes in lagoon (2).  

Updated Orchids (3).  Perching Bird (1) eating a berry.

Scrounged up another image of a Gull (1) from last month.  Cormorants (2).  Egret (2).

Added a few comments about "fixing the image" versus "fixing the capture" under Commentary


The Huntington Library is a great to visit in December.  Started with images of  Cactus Garden (2).

It's bird season at the beach: Perching Birds (2),  Cormorants (2), Gulls (7), and Pelicans (4).

Some birds inland at Descanso Great Horned Owl (2) and Duck Eating Crawfish (3). 

Complete redo of Fungi Section (2). 

First time I had gone to the Shoe City Pro (14) and some Storm Waves (6) in monochrome.




SAC Football-16  








Tor. del Paine-16




Fitzroy Massif-16








Reprocessed Fitzroy Massif to B&W (1) and lastly, added image to Yosemite Winter Folio (1).

Started section on Irvine Regional Park (3).

Other Yellow flower in Monochrome (1).  Dead Lotus (1).  Hummingbird (1).

Created a Folio out of Spring Bulbs (14) captured over last decade.

December is a good time for Shore Birds (1), and Egrets (2), and Pelicans (2).

Updated Yosemite Spring 2012 (19) and Yosemite Fall 2012 (16). 


Continuing with mages at Fullerton Arboretum with Tamron 150-600 G2: Cactus Pattern (1),

Monochrome (1), Cone Flower (1), and Succulent (1).  Other Yellow flower (1) and Monochrome (1)

Autumn Scenic at LA Arboretum (1).  Fascinating location in Japan Hakone Venetian Glass Museum (16).

 Also Water Lilly (1), new section on Jays (4), and Scenic at Fullerton Arboretum (1) . 


Santa Ana Dons vs. East L.A. (28).   Santa Ana Dons vs. Glendale (29).

Went back and rifled old files never processed from Patagonia: Costanera sur (11)

Images of Descanso Gardens flora (4) with Tamron 150-600 G2 and Perching Birds (3) and

squirrel (1) with 1.4X.  Misc Sepia Roots (1).  One final Tree (1) and 3 Pink Buds (1).

Also going back and digging out images from Calafate (10) in Patagonia. 


Santa Ana Dons vs. Citrus (23)

Surf's up - Hurley Pro at trestles: Round 3 (23), Round 2 (22), and  Pre-Contest Women  (15)

Santa Ana Dons vs. Fullerton (26)   Santa Ana Dons vs. Desert (21)

 Created a Folio out of trip to Patagonia (13) last spring.


US Open of Surfing - Men's (12).  Women's (10). 

Amaryllis (4) at Descanso and Pink Ladies (4) at the Arcadia Arboretum are blooming. 

Also Jungle (1) and Red Flower (1) at the Arcadia Arboretum. 


Reworked the Hawk Section to scroll views and added image of Hawk (2) (P900). Also another Parrot (1)

and some White Heron (5).  A Monarch Butterfly (1) at the Huntington Library.  Also Lotus (4).  Places (3).


Finally got some Surfing at the Wedge (6) and Waves at the Wedge (6). 

Hummingbird (1) sitting on reed.  Misc Flower (1).  New section on Tree Swallows (6).  Wild Roses (2). 


On the same trip, spent another 4 days days photographing Fitzroy Massif (83).  Also working on

Perito Moreno Glacier (15).  Green Heron young (3) at Fullerton Arboretum. 


Spent 7 days photographing The horns of Torres del Paine (90). 

Some random Grasses (2), misc. Flowers (1), and Bulb Garden (1).


Aloe Garden (3) and Water Fall (1) at LA Arboretum in Arcadia, CA and Arching Tree (1).

Also new sections on Azalea Garden (8), Bulb Garden (6), and Woodpeckers & Parrots (9). 

Also at Descanso, lots of Spring Bulbs (18) and Roses (2).

Started adding "super cropped" Featured Football (17) images. 


Quick visit to La Jolla to photograph Pelicans (7),  Gulls (3), and Cormorants (2).  Also a Small waterfall (2),

Flower pattern (1), and Camellias (2) at Descanso and a Perching Bird (1) at the LA Arboretum..

Updated 7 sections in Flora 1 to scroll mode:  Calla Lily, Freesia, Lotus, Poppies, Water Lilies,

Sunflowers, and Amaryllis.  


Continuing with images taken with the P900 at San Joachim Marsh (5).  Started a new section on

Cactus Landscapes (11).